Our Services

Our Services


We strive to find the perfect balance between form and function

in every project we undertake.

Our goal is to design facilities that capture a sense of aesthetic

excellence, while at the same time keeping a clear and unrelenting

focus on their practical and functional requirements.

It’s a delicate balance, but one that we believe the firm has

managed to attain time and time again, as evidenced by a

growing portfolio of recognized projects and a continually

expanding list of satisfied clients.

Remodeling and Renovation

For over 10 years, Zodiac has been providing complete remodeling projects. We can handle all the making over of an old fashioned project and turn

Design/ Build Specialist

Design/Build provides the opportunity to work directly with a single point of contact through out constructions
process. It allows us to focus our effort on ensuring that all components come together in the correct order and the finest details.

Architecture and Interior Finishes

Zodiac has its own characteristic and applications methods when finishing projects. We believe that finishes will both protect it and bring out its beauty. All can be applied with exceptional custom made method.

The way we design doesn’t follow a rigid formula or cookie cutter process, we question everything during process and are always looking for better materials, methods and options. We work directly with the client in a collaborative effort to meet their needs and achieve their goals.


Whether Classic or Modern, Zodiac is able to create comfortable atmosphere using its extraordinary style furniture and accessories. Moreover, Our workshop has a highly skilled craftsmen to produce handmade high quality furniture.